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Jul 22, 2005 1:18 pm

A Timetable for Pulling Out of Iraq

John Shaffer, a Liberty and Power reader, has called my attention to this article by Helena Cobban. She lays out a practical strategy for quick withdrawal from Iraq.

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tex mac - 7/23/2005

Blogs here:

'Just World News' by Helena Cobban

I'm a columnist, researcher, and writer on global affairs. I'm a Contributing Editor of Boston Review. I've written a column for The Christian Science Monitor since 1990 and another for Al-Hayat (London) since 1993. Check out my home web-site for details of my five books, my current projects, etc.

I'm probably the only Quaker who's also a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. I was born in England, worked as a journalist in the Middle East, 1974-81, and have lived mainly in the U.S. since 1982. I'm a citizen of the world but I also have citizenship in both Britain and the US.

Brian Radzinsky - 7/23/2005

The article does a good job of not only addressing the overarching issue of withdrawl, but in doing so puts to death the false dichotomy that it's either complete withdrawl of troops and influence or a sustained occupation lasting until the ambiguous goal of "stability" is reached.

David T. Beito - 7/22/2005

Sorry....fixed now

Tom G Palmer - 7/22/2005

Thanks! That one works. I'm looking forward to reading it.

John Arthur Shaffer - 7/22/2005

The other link is dead.

Tom G Palmer - 7/22/2005

David, Looks interesting, but there's something wrong with the link. (At least I can't get to it from Bulgaria.) Could you please check?