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Dec 1, 2010 1:21 am

2010 Cliopatria Award Nominations: Best Series of Posts

Look for the announcement of the winners in January at Cliopatria

Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best series of posts on a history blog or history topic since 1 December 2009. [registration not required to post nominations, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include URLs for posts you are nominating (not just a URL for the blog). You may nominate as many posts or series as you wish in this category, and you may nominate individual blogs or bloggers in other categories as well.

If you want ideas of blogs or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival or its related carnivals.

Bloggers do not need to be academic historians. If you're not sure whether a blog or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact Ralph Luker or leave a comment here.

Judging Committee: David Silbey (Chair), Ian Lekus, and Rick Herrera.
[Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2010

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Jonathan Dresner - 11/30/2010

Chris Bray, 'Masters and Children'
and I think this is supposed to be pt 4:

Virginia Jackson - 11/29/2010

I nominate the series of entries Jamie Malanowski has been writing for The New York Times Disunion Blog, in which he is telling the story of the secession winter of 1860-1 as though it were unfolding in present time:;sq=malanowski%20milledgeville&st=cse

Nick - 11/26/2010

I would like to nominate my own three posts on recycled woodcuts in 17th century England:

Clare Spark - 11/26/2010

I am nominating my four part series on the Yankee Doodle Society Clare Spark blog:

Michael Robinson - 11/26/2010

Part I

Part II

Part III

Barbara Connor - 11/24/2010

I have already nominated The Two Nerdy History girls for best group blog. Now I would like to nominate my two favorite posts that were linked together by subject. These two show why I love this blog so much. Thank you for your consideration.

Tim Abbott - 11/23/2010

This year I researched and wrote an 11 part series on the court martial of Col. Matthias Ogden, 1st New Jersey Continentals, archived at my blog, Walking the Berkshires, here:

david meadows - 11/22/2010

Paul Barford's ongoing series (starting in September 2010 and continuing inter alia to at least today) on the sale, find, and other issues associated with the Crosby Garrett helmet are very readable and often thought provoking ...

Thomas Peace - 11/21/2010

I would like to nominate Christine McLaughlin and Ian Milligan for their back-to-back posts giving historical perspective to the July 2010 G20 meeting in Toronto. "The Moral Economy of the 2010 G20 Crowd" and "Contextualizing the G20,", 7 and 8 July 2010.

Mark - 11/20/2010

Hi, I'd like to nominate my LGBT History Series, for LGBT History Month, on the New History Lab Blog:


Jonathan Dresner - 11/16/2010

I've been reviewing Japanese historical fiction series for children:

"Judge Ooka's Sidekick" the Hooblers' samurai detective series for children:
3 July 2010 Judge Ooka’s Sidekick: A Samurai Never Fears Death and The Sword that Cut the Burning Grass by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler
13 July 2010 Judge Ooka’s Sidekick, part two: The Ghost In the Tokaido Inn and In Darkness, Death

Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford:
25 May 2009. "Young Samurai Book One (of at least three): Harry Potter Bushido"
30 August 2010. "Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword: Ancient Culture, Modern Politics"

I realize that the first Young Samurai post predates the Dec'09-Nov'10 period: the judges may choose to discount it as they see fit, but I'm including it here because it is a part of the complete series.

Jai - 11/15/2010

From the Hands of Quacks, "Monday Series: The Criminalized Body" & "Monday Series: A Disease with No Remedy"

Adam - 11/14/2010

I nominate:

Image of the West discussion posts:

Teaching Writing History posts:

judith weingarten - 11/9/2010

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

Nick - 11/8/2010

Not sure if multiple blogs can be nominated... but if so, this example of a "relay" multiple post where one blogger starts and another then picks up the baton is pretty superb:

Rob - 11/4/2010

There were at least two great series of posts from the blog settler colonial studies. The first, and best, was Ed Cavanagh's historical observations on the Ngapuhi sovereignty case (and his subsequent discussion with a Maori lawyer): . The other was Ed's coverage of the Eugene Terre'Blanche case (he was covering ETB for weeks before his murder)

Brian Franklin - 11/2/2010

I nominate John Fea, at "The Way of Improvement Leads Home," for his series "So, what CAN you do with a History Major?"

Katrina Gulliver - 11/1/2010

This is a joint nomination for a cross-blog conversation conducted at Tenured Radical and Historiann about Terry Castle's work. In a broad and engaging discussion, they look at academia, feminism, sexuality and popular culture in the context of a conversation about one book.
Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Wrap Up: