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Dec 1, 2010 1:21 am

2010 Cliopatria Award Nominations: Best Post

Look for the announcement of the winners in January at Cliopatria

Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best single post on a history blog since 1 December 2009. [registration not required to post nominations, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include a URL for post you are nominating (not just a URL for the blog). You may nominate as many posts or series as you wish in this category, and you may nominate individual blogs or bloggers in other categories as well.

If you want ideas of blogs or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival or its related carnivals.

Bloggers do not need to be academic historians. If you're not sure whether a blog or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact Ralph Luker or leave a comment here.

Judging Committee: David Silbey (Chair), Ian Lekus, and Rick Herrera.
[Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2010

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Jonathan Dresner - 11/30/2010

Jonathan Dresner, Data Visualization and Data Quality, Frog In a Well: Japan, 17 October 2010

Konrad Lawson, An Interpreter's Tale, Frog In A Well: Korea, 6 July 2010

Konrad Lawson, The Will of a Traitor, Frog In A Well: China, 12 May 2010.

Gina Russo, China And the Middle Ground, Frog In A Well: China, 3 February 2010.

Jeremy Young, Goering's Lion, Crolian Progressive, 3 July 2010

Aaron Bady, Theodore Roosevelt has a big stick, but from where did he get it?, Cliopatria (and ZunguZungu), 24 January 2010.

Ellen Noonan - 11/29/2010

Ellen Noonan, "The Long Civil Rights Movement" on Now and Then: An American Social History Project blog

Ellen Noonan - 11/29/2010

Leah Nahmias, "Celebrating 20 Years of the Americans With Disabilities Act" on Now and Then: An American Social History Project blog

Ellen Noonan - 11/29/2010

Leah Nahmias, "Sound Familiar?" from Now and Then: An American Social History Project Blog

Virginia Jackson - 11/29/2010

I nominate Jamie Malanowski's entry `WOuld the South Really Secede?', which he wrote for the New York Times' Disunion series:

Executed Today - 11/28/2010

The London history blog Another Nickel In The Machine regrettably seems to be hibernating. But its perspicacious last-to-date post deserves a look.

Executed Today - 11/28/2010

This post is not entirely terrible.

Clare Spark - 11/27/2010

I am nominating one of my favorite blogs, one which was neither published elsewhere, nor leftover from grad school, nor taken from my book on the Melville Revival. It can be found here: It has broad implications for the teaching of the humanities.

Michael Robinson - 11/26/2010

Michael Robinson - 11/26/2010

Nick - 11/25/2010

And, assuming they are allowed, another self-nomination:

Tim Abbott - 11/23/2010

"I'll Put Daylight Through the First Man who Touches Him!"; The Attempted Lynching of Edgar Freeman

At my blog Walking the Berkshires

Nick - 11/22/2010

A self-nomination (not clear if they are frowned upon) of my own post on Samuel Pepys and self-fashioning:

Thomas Peace - 11/21/2010

I would like to nominate Karlee Sapoznik's "“When People Eat Chocolate, They Are Eating My Flesh”: Slavery and the Dark Side of Chocolate,", 30 June 2010

Rick Johannsen - 11/21/2010

Interview with Historian / Professor Karl Friday:

Shogun-ki: Japanese History Blog

Eva - 11/20/2010

World War II Freak:
"Court Room 600 in Nuremberg reopens as a museum"

Stephen Smith - 11/19/2010

Is it acceptable to nominate your own posts? I write for a libertarian transportation/land use blog, and while most of what I write is current events, I wrote about the history of streetcars in America in a poste entitled "The Great American Streetcar Myth", in which I took issue with both the standard liberal line that streetcars were killed by greedy corporations and the conservative line that rail lost out in the free market against roads. Here's the link again, and the blog is called Market Urbanism:

It's pretty well cited, and also includes some of the academic sources at the bottom.

Joan Myers - 11/18/2010

I'd like to nominate "Searching for Mary Murillo" from The Bioscope, a blog site dedicated to early film history.

Ben Edwards - 11/17/2010

I'd like to nominate the following blog post on by Todd Andrlik in the Best Post category:
Calculating Today’s Value of the Tea Destroyed on December 16, 1773

Ben Edwards - 11/17/2010

I'd like to nominate the following blog post from by Todd Andrlik in the Best Post category:
Frans Hogenberg: Engraving 16th Century News

Nathan - 11/15/2010

This is a fantastic read on a speech given by Noah Webster on July 4, 1802. He addresses some issues among the citizenry and how the republic is going to last.

Nick - 11/15/2010

Gavin Robinson on the disappearance of Siegfried Sassoon's medal records:

Leah Nahmias - 11/11/2010

I'd like to nominate Ellen Noonan's post "Fight Till You're Blue in the Face" putting the Deepwater Horizon spill in context of other deadly workplace incidents:

James Manning - 11/9/2010

Can I recommend the following post from the 'In Pursuit of History' blog?

The author's connection with, and evident passion for, the subject matter (the time Charles II spent on Jersey) is incredible.

Nick - 11/8/2010

This post on the history of the number 10 in 10 Downing Street is just wonderful:

Adam Crymble - 11/8/2010

I would like to put forth my own post:

"Online Versus Face-Time" (May 11, 2010).

Todd Andrlik - 11/7/2010

I'd like to nominate the following blog post from

"Colonel Shaw, Sergeant Carney and the 54th Massachusetts" by Ben Edwards, February 28, 2010;preview_id=529&preview_nonce=0848545b91

Dara Smith - 11/6/2010

"The Notorious HRH" from the Tudor Tutor

Joan Myers - 11/4/2010

I'd like to nominate "Professor Newt's Distorted History Lesson" at Got Medieval,

Penny Harris - 11/3/2010

Mike Dash, The Emperor's Electric Chair

A Blast From the Past, 9 September 2010

Jeremy Young - 11/2/2010

I humbly nominate my own post, "Goering's Lion," at The Crolian Progressive.

Ralph E. Luker - 11/1/2010

Studiolum, "Man with a cat," Poemas del rio Wang, 18 October 2010.