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Oct 29, 2010 10:25 am

Hamid “Bags O’ Money” Karzai

In the perennial race to the bottom that is our endless War of Terror our man (sort of) in Afghanistan (that’s “President” Hamid Karzai) has admitted to his American sponsors that yes, yes he does receive bags of cash from his latest pals – the Iranians.

“They do give us bags of money – yes, yes it is done”, says the man himself. While his American handlers reacted with shock, at least when the news cameras were pointed at them, since America is currently in the run up to our own mid-term elections the spectacle of corrupt politicians being given bags of cash as bribes is not likely to (and hasn’t) made more than a tiny ripple across the face of the American public.

Personally, I’d say that Mr. Karzai and friends are taking to democracy rather nicely.

For all the pious pronouncements from D.C. this has prompted, Mr. Karzai easily embarrassed them again at a news conference when he pointed the finger right back by his declared, “The United States is doing to same thing”. Good point, and one that no rational man can argue. We not only give him bags of money, but an entire field army for his “protection”.

Yet, judging by the oft-repeated American imperialists' habit of murdering any of their hired potentates who get too uppity, my advice to Mr. Karzai is that he’d better hire some new personal security guards, specifically non-American ones. May I recommend the Swiss?

There is no solution here, only the entertainment value from this little bit o’ trouble our imperialists are experiencing in one of their empire’s more far flung outposts. Life goes on, here and in Afghanistan, and no matter how many bags of money Karzai receives from Tehran and D.C., Afghanistan belongs to the Afghans.

Always has and always will.

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