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Jul 19, 2005 12:16 pm

St. Andrews

I'm at the British Open and cannot even convey how amazing the experience is.

A couple of things that have happened:

I ran into Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe and Around the Horn (inter alia) fame. Not only did we talk about the Sox, he also said"don't you worry about Jay Mariotti" when I told him not to let Mariotti get away with his nonsense. So we are on the same page on that front.

Meanwhile at dinner last night, Nick Price crossed our path on his way to the bathroom. We bought him a beer and later got a minute or two with him. A good time was had by all. For a brief moment, we all talked about Bob Mugabe (he and his friends initiated the Mugabe talk, I agreed we will do our damndest to get rid of him).

Tiger is up by 2, but he was up by 4 going into today. The Old Course is every bit as spectacular as its reputation. Imagine looking from behind the green of the Road Hole, probably the most famous in golf, and seeing the tee box of 18, which of course includes not only the Swilken burn bridge, but also the Valley of Sin and as a backdrop, the clubhouse of the Royal & Ancient. Tomorrow Tiger will go off with Olazabel. I'll be there. More to follow.

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