Sep 15, 2010 10:12 am


They thought it was all Bush's fault. Indeed, they thought electing Barack Hussein Obama will sooth the savage Islamist beast. Lexington writes in the Economist:

If the emergence of home-grown Muslim terrorism has been bad enough, the failure of Barack Obama to engineer the transformation some expected from him in the wider world has been no less dispiriting. After the toxic impact of George Bush on Muslim opinion, many hoped that the advent of a kinder, gentler president whose middle name was Hussein would help America to draw the poison. Mr Obama himself seemed to think that this might be possible. Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, told the New York Times earlier this year that Mr Obama counted his Cairo speech to the Muslim world of June 2009 as one of the three most important things he had done to combat terrorism.

And yet Mr Obama’s programme of Muslim outreach is already faltering. The Pew Research Centre reported in June that the percentage of Muslims expressing confidence in him had declined in a year from 42% to 33% in Egypt and from 13% to 8% in Pakistan.

And now Islamists are burning Obama in effigy just as they enjoyed burning Bush. They are also burning Christian schools and, of course dying.

Clashes between security forces and protesters in India-controlled Kashmir killed a policeman and at least 13 people on Monday as crowds defied a curfew after reports surfaced that Qurans had been desecrated in the United States, according to Indian authorities.


Hundreds of angry Muslims chanting anti-US and pro-Islamic slogans marched through the streets of Tangmarg village, 40km west of the main town Srinagar, before attacking the Tyndale Biscoe School.

No one was injured in the torching of the school on Monday, which was already shut due to unrest.

The school is a branch of one of the oldest missionary-run schools in Indian Kashmir. The main one is in Srinagar, which has produced some of India's leading bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers and engineers.

Kashmiri Islamists are not alone. All the usual suspects join them merrily:

Clashes at anti-US protests in Tehran over Koran burning and as could have been expected from such"respected" religious authorities Iran Ayatollahs Issue Fatwas Against Koran-Burners

2 killed in Afghan protest over Quran-burning plan

Whose fault is it? Obama's, of course, writes Lexington. No, not because his appeasement policy failed as it was bound to but because he did not kow tow enough:

Like Americans waiting for economic recovery, Muslim countries have been waiting for Mr Obama to match his words with deeds, and have so far been disappointed.

Apparently, apology tours, scraping and bowing to the Saudi monarch, respecting the Iranian supreme leader while his thugs are murdering his own young people on the streets does not suffice. The least he should have gotten rid of Israel and the first amendment by now.

Then Lexington would bemoan his failure to accede to some new Islamists demands. For they are sure to continue coming just as the cancellation of the public Koran burning did not suffice. Islamists need exploitable issues and they will find them come hell or high waters. The people may get it but Obama and the chartering class refuse to see. So, people are taking matters into their own hands and the results are ugly:

Man Ignintes Koran near ground zero

Defaced Koran found in Michigan

Australian lawyer smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking 'Which is best?'

The cartoonist is right. The war on terror is in shambles.

In Iran, Afghanistan and India, demonstrators accuse US, Israel of"orchestrating Zionist plot," chant"Down with Koran desecrators." Well, this is to be expected from our"respected" Islamists.

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