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Sep 1, 2010 10:56 am

The Guardian and Russ Roberts

I was pleasantly surprised to read in today's Guardian, which many of you will recognize as a broadly left-of-center newspaper published in London, an editorial praisingeconomist Russ Roberts' weekly podcast.

"Mr Roberts has a dry wit and hostly politeness and gives his interviewees more space than they would get on any broadcast outlet. Both presenter and most guests come from various points to the right of the political spectrum and their arguments are sometimes – how shall we say this? – barmy, being far too trusting of free markets. But with EconTalk it is the journey that counts – and Mr Roberts lets the arguments unfurl at just the right pace for both non-specialists and economists. He shows listeners how economics approaches questions differently from other disciplines. And at the end of an hour, the dismal science doesn't seem so bad after all, but a fun and useful set of tools to approach some of society's biggest questions."

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