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Jul 9, 2005 11:45 am

Welcome to the Blogroll

Alert readers will have noticed an addition to the L&P blogroll: Lynne Kiesling's Knowledge Problem. According to her bio,"Lynne Kiesling is a senior lecturer in economics at Northwestern University. Her research focuses on regulation and technological change, and other issues in regulation and privatization. Dr. Kiesling also serves as director of the Applied Energy Research Program at the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, home of Vernon Smith, the 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Economics. The Applied Energy Research Program seeks to expand the use of experimental economic research in the establishment and implementation of regulatory policy, particularly electricity policy, at both the state and federal levels." In addition, let me add, having just spent a week teaching with her at an IHS summer seminar, that she's a terrific teacher and a supercool person. Readers are invited to check out her blog.

I should also mention that the other economist I worked with this past week, Frank Stephenson, who is also terrific, is already on our blogroll! He blogs on the group blog Division of Labour.

The other faculty I worked with (Elizabeth Hull and Mike Allen) were great, but don't seem to have blogs. You'll just have to read them in print!

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