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This is my email of the day. It's a bit long but she seems to have had enough:

Last month, thousands of children with cancer from Gaza were brought into Israel by volunteer organizations to let them have fun at the beach, movies, bowling, zoo etc. Also, kids from the West Bank were brought in to spend a day in Israel to also play and go to the beach. There is no beach in the West Bank and some of these kids have never seen one before.

True and hopeful stories from the region that provide a refreshing and much needed change of news...AMAZING to see that with everything going on and all the blood shed and all the LIES of the media that tries to infuse hate between people; the truth is that the people in Israel are working hard to organize events that will get them nothing in the media, least of all the Arab Media, but with only humanity, friendship and good will in mind.

At the same time, the Palestinians are obviously not afraid to go to Israel and are going to have a good time. These are the realities that people do not want to accept. If the Arabs and Muslims should just have a full and true knowledge of what is going on and maybe if there is enough care for the Palestinians and dignity to do the right thing, they won't stick to their pride and refuse to see that the Palestinians are suffering more; much, much more; because of their encouragement to hate and to keep up the fight.

Who is paying the price and for what? Does anyone really believe that at the end of the day they will actually win? And what if they do? At what price? For decades, the Muslim and Arab world have turned them into a nation of kill or get killed by their own! A nation of predators and prey…Palestinian against Palestinian…Does anyone think that they can anytime soon, be able to have a normal life, just people worried about their children catching a cold, their education, how to pay the bills and what to make for dinner; like everyone else who encourages them to fight and then goes home and leaves them to pay the price and yes, that includes those who claim to speak for God, the clergy? Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe, they are tired and don't want to fight? Has anyone thought that they deserve to be left alone and not provide the rest of the Arab and Muslim world an outlet and an excuse for their failed societies? Can anyone with any sense of reality actually say that Israel is the single source of all the problems in the Muslim world? Really?

Israel created the 90% plus rate of illiteracy in the Muslim world, Pollution, unemployment, lazy youth who gave up on the world and see themselves merely as victims and a nation that had produced nothing but countless ways of committing suicide and kill others with them? Has Israel or anyone else stopped anyone who has tried to research a cure for illnesses? How come they have more colleges per capita than anywhere else in the world, which produce geniuses every year, who brought more new innovations to the world than any other single country and they are one country of 6 million including Arabs, against a nation of 1.2 Billion? Is anyone aware of how much the economy of the Mid East depends on Israel? Oil will deplete and is depleting very soon and what will that world have accomplished once that is gone? How is Israel responsible for that?

Is anyone else other than me, have had enough of using the Palestinians, thus Israel, as an excuse for everything wrong with the world? Everyone else seems to have overcome their problems and succeeded including Japan, who used suicide bombing and who about the same time as the Palestinian Israeli problem started, were bombed by nuclear weapons! They didn’t retaliate and caused more death, no, they actually realized how many of their own will die if the mindless revenge should go on and became the most sought after country for electronics, cars and countless other inventions that the world can’t live without…Who stopped them?

Their friendship with their enemy at the time, the US, helped them become an economic conglomerate and made them a nation that is useful and needed which much of the US money, among other countries, are going to them in peace to pay for their inventions and hard work and because they think they have the right to demand free aid. You see, being a nation who invented countless suicide bombing methods is something the world can live without, in fact, the world can live much better without and no one will pay for that invention.

Why did the Japanese, a nation of just over 127 million, value the blood of their people enough to swallow their loss and gave them so much dignity as to take the time to become a well respected asset to the world, and the Muslim world of 1.2 billion people, living in every corner of the world, need to keep spilling the blood of our own? Martyrs! The lie the lazy clergy feeds us? Instead of actually taking the hard way out and start at the beginning to educate and teach the people to be, well, better humans?

Instead they have cheapened the blood of our people, not the west or Israel, they have…they forbid abortion but found another way to eliminate the number of the people, have them kill themselves and others? Is it really so productive what the useless, heartless, irresponsible and cruel fatawas that made suicide halal which had caused Muslims to even use it against other Muslims even in Mosques? Has it really made our blood so precious? Has anyone really noticed how these clergy repeat the exact thing which means that they are lazy, they do not take the time to read, learn, study about the real world and speak about it, they just repeat what others say, telling people how they are not to blame, sound good without the need to put any effort in writing the speech.

How can we wonder why the world doesn’t cry for us if we don’t mind killing our own? It not because Israel has caused any of these problems; these issues have been going on since the Ottomans. If these Imams believe in the benefit of suicide bombing, let them do it themselves, why send other people’s children to do it? Is that fair or murder?

When I met with the people from Hamas a couple of years ago, they told me that they will do anything, anything at all, including sign over the entire region to Israel (Wallahi) as long as they can just stop this. The situation created so many monsters among the Palestinians who are now killing each other and destroying each others homes and since the war is still on, they blame Israel and no one wants to listen to those whose homes were destroyed and if they speak up, they are accused of lying and of being pro Israel, the most unjust accusation because every Muslim and Arab know that they say that when they have no argument.

It has become that speaking the truth about our own people equals being pro Israel or pro west while every Muslim organization and those who like to forward emails are always sending emails about Jews and Westerners who are “of conscious” and speak up against their own. So why can’t we? Because we are tribal, because we don’t like the truth, because we don’t want to fix anything and it’s easier to point the finger of blame, or is it because they are not saying what the people want to hear? Justice!!!

These people who are begging for help from their own are being ignored; the Palestinians that are being persecuted by other Palestinians on daily bases will be lynched for speaking or even for objecting to having their children killed but no one wants to hear that. Everyone wants to romanticize it to ease their own guilt. Yes, that’s all, it’s much easier to go to sleep thinking that when they encouraged the Palestinians to blow themselves up that their mothers are happy…really? How come then, do these same people give themselves any right to protect their children? Do you know when a mother or a father exercise that same right what happens to them?

I was told by Gazans and people in the West Bank that speaking their mind gets their arms and legs drilled with an electric drill. Are these the results that the Muslim and Arab world is screaming and preaching to get? I hope not...has all the misinformation that their governments had fed them and the hate they created had resulted in an entire umma that just wants to hate Israel and the Jews so much that they don't care how much the Palestinians are suffering as a direct results?

I mean, when was the last time that Israel bombed or arrested the youth of Pakistan, Saudi, Kuwait, Indonesia, Algeria and other Arab/Muslim states? The hate speech encourages the thugs of the Palestinians to steal the aid given to the good but poor people, and to kill and do anything they want with those states watching. Instead of stopping for one second and thinking about what they are doing and look into the situation without our kufr based tribalism that says we encourage the wrong doing and suffering of our people as long as we don't hang our dirty laundry out.

Why not follow the unity, not tribalism, but the unity that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) spoke of that says that one must reprimand his/her own brother/sister and stop them from doing the wrong thing that might get them eternal suffering? Why not follow the true Islam that says do not bare false must see the truth with your own eyes like the sun shining in your eyes? Why not follow the Message of Allah (SWT) and be just, fair and tell the good as well as the bad and not just point fingers of hate and blame in one direction?

Has anyone stopped for one second and thought...does this really make any sense, or does everyone in our umma has gotten to a point that they have the answer already as to who is guilty and wrong and simply refuse to see facts...Yes, the facts, the facts that the Palestinians are in fact suffering but is all their suffering caused by the"occupation", and how about the Palestinians who were born and living in the Arab world? What rights do they have there? Has anyone even thought that was wrong?

C'mon, I dare any Muslim or Arab to look me in the eye and tell me that they can't imagine corruption in leadership...What makes you believe what the Palestinian leadership is saying, be that the legal leadership or the self appointed one...Which Muslim or Arab will tell me that they never heard or fixed elections and votes? If they follow Islam the way they are really supposed to, they will stop with stories of the past when the early Muslims and Jews fought and they will realize that Allah (SWT) said that each person is responsible for their own sin and just like the entire Muslim and Arab world becomes upset and defensive when someone calls us terrorists because;"you can't judge the many by the action of the few" and because"you can't judge one for the action of the other" and how about treat others as you would want to be treated? Then, why do we judge the entire world with their past but refuse to let anyone judge us by the action of the past or present of our people?

Is that the justice that Allah (SWT) told us about or is this the way to show the world how we really are, hypocrites? To get back the subject at hand, what if the educated and open minded Muslims, those who really love Islam just give it a few minutes of thoughts on a clean page, not from a script given by some cleric or government, but by using the brains given to us to use and with the sense of justice and respect for Allah's creation, all of them... Were we created just to hate and be angry all the time? What if that time and energy is redirected into something positive, like research and helping each other rather than keep finding new places to create war?

Were the Palestinians created to be the victims of the anger of the Muslims at their own government, maybe, and keeping that fight helps venting by redirecting the anger towards Israel? Were they born to give the rest of the Muslim and Arab world a sense of heroism or do they deserve to live and prosper in peace like everyone else? Have the screaming and hate speeches given to the 1.2 Billion really helped the Palestinians? When all the Jews are 12 Million in the world? How, for example, despite the crazy idea that the Jews rule the world, do you think that they feel when they are so outnumbered? Who is using all that hate that every Muslim and Arab have been taught at one level or another, have helped the Palestinians? Do they really look at the facts or just look away because it is not about Palestinians at all, it's just an excuse, and it’s about hating Israel? What if the Muslims looked and actually saw the reality?

If they did, they will see what they turned that region into...the loud mouths who keep complaining and asking for more aid, who in turn buy weapons to make sure that there will NOT be peace, then pocket the rest of the money, creating a class of the filthy, heartless and cruel rich and class of the poor, hungry and disposables. Yes, you can say that it exists in every country, but in this region there is no country! For those who tell me that they have Palestine written on their maps, please do not let me tell you what to do with that worthless makes no difference, not to the Palestinians. Ask the real people, ask them without giving them the answer, look for the truth and do not tell ask something like"How bad is it to live with the Jews?" because you already gave them what you want to hear...they do not trust their own family members, does anyone think that they will tell how they feel to someone who may be sent by some so called religious organizations from among them willing to sacrifice their blood at a drop of a hat? Ask them if they like the intifada, if they were better off a few years ago, if they think it was worth it...ask those who live there and who escaped to get away, NOT those who live here or the leaders, both who have made a lot of money just by exploiting the hate and fooling the good people of the Arab and Muslim world who have been fed guilt to donate, believing they are donating to the real people but in reality, to the fund raisers so they can buy new houses. Why haven’t the Muslim and Arab people say anything about the fact that Israel allows people to do Hajj every year for over 60 years, yet when Hamas took over they refused to let any of the Fatah followers go? Is this an Islamic thing to do? Is this the purpose of all the screaming and protesting and hate? Is it not who it is done against but who is doing it that matters? Do you think that when a Muslim, a Palestinian, tortures and persecutes another, that it doesn’t hurt?

If there is one thing that the modern Muslim world needs to learn from the west, it is not how to use computers, or how to build high risers or how to make music videos or even how to love your people enough to be willing to do what is right for, what must be learned is that they need to see the difference between pride and dignity...proud makes for a stubborn and foolish nation that will not back out of what they said even if it is wrong, but won't have enough courage and dignity to say;"Maybe I was wrong, I didn't say or do the right thing and I will look back and try to understand better what I did wrong so I can do things differently because the old way has not yielded anything good and because I was not informed of everything." Dignity is to admit being wrong, remember Omar Ibn Elkhattab, (RA) how he became a Muslim by admitting being mistaken?

Dignity gives knowledge and creates a path to fresh minds and new ideas based on being educated, being willing to read from any source, to form an informative opinion. Remembers Muslims, the Quran's first word was"Iqra'a"...Read, not recite, not memorize...not repeat after someone but read for yourself, read...not read anything in particular, just read, because true justice can't be rendered based on one side...Who of the Khulafa'a, the predecessors of our prophet (PBUH) gave judgment in favor of a Muslim without hearing the other side? Remember that being a Muslim is like a driving license, it can be revoked even without you knowing and everyone will be judged for being truly fair and honest regardless of whom the injustice was done against. Finally, remember this, when a Muslim makes a dua'a, a supplication prayer, asking Allah to cause harm to someone and that someone is undeserving of that, the dua'a will come back to harm those who wish it...look at the Muslim world's situation today, maybe they have been suffering from those hate supplications so much that when the Muslim world doesn't have anyone to fight, they are killing their own...Is that not a calamity?

These kids had a great time with caring people from both sides who just want to have a chance to live a normal life like everyone else and not be the center of hate or even pity by the rest of the world. I hope and pray that soon, there will be a vindication for those who have suffered under the injustice of their own people and that those who want peace will prevail so we can start moving forward. Don't these kids deserve to have a chance at having days like that all the time and when they feel like it?

Ignorance is not bliss...

Sahar Mahmoud

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