Aug 11, 2010 12:24 pm


I saw the title The Horror Show Bob Herbert gave his column and thought, finally, he will write about the horrid consequences Obama economics have had for Blacks as he had done so poignantly in January. Let's go over it again:

The percentage of unemployed Blacks over 20 is 15.4% as compared to 12.1% of Hispanics, 8.6% of whites, 8.2% of Asian.

Not a word though his exposition of the horror of the real unemployment numbers is sure to harm Blacks disproportionately more;

Charles McMillion, the president and chief economist of MBG Information Services in Washington, is an expert on employment and has been looking closely for years at the issue of labor force participation. “Over the past three months,” he said, “1,155,000 unemployed people dropped out of the active labor force and were not counted as unemployed. Even ignoring population growth, if these unemployed had not dropped out of the labor force, simple arithmetic shows that the official unemployment rate would have risen from 9.9 percent in April to 10.2 percent in July, rather than — as it has — fallen to 9.5 percent.”

Because of normal growth in the working-age population, the labor force increases by roughly 150,000 to 200,000 people per month. If those folks were factored in, said Mr. McMillion, “unemployment now would be even higher than 10.2 percent.” . . .

Said Mr. McMillion: “When you combine the long-term unemployed with those who are dropping out and those who are working part-time because they can’t find anything else, it is just far beyond anything we’ve seen in the job market since the 1930s.”

You see, not a word. Since their golden boy, Barack Obama became president, the MSM has stayed away from the subject it reveled in during white presidencies.

I cannot but wonder whether this cover up is the reason such large percentages of Black voters continue to support Barack Obama. I am not sure. Color pride may trump all.


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