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Aug 1, 2010 11:56 am

Magical Mahdist Tour

According to a story this week by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s AhlulBayt News agency, celebrations of the 12th Imam's birthday have now spread to Liverpool, England. Such festivities honoring the occulted Muhammad al-Mahdi’s birthday, and not his death, remind true believers that he’s only sleeping and that it won’t be long until his return, which could happen any time at all. However, since the last imam disappeared over a millennium ago, telling his followers that "you won’t see me" until you come together and get back to the pure faith and community of the early Muslim umma, he’s been something of a nowhere man, and queries directed at him usually get no reply at all (except perhaps when made by Ahmadinejad). When the Mahdi does come, he will lead an Islamic revolution, getting rid of the Western global taxman. Until then, Twelver Shi`is will just have to let it be. Insha’allah, he won’t come in through the Jamkaran bathroom window, which while not long might constitute somewhat of a winding road to reappearance. Remember, all things must pass—including, thankfully for the reader, this post.

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Jonathan Wilson - 8/4/2010

Would would have thought that the Mahdi and the Fab Four would intersect in Liverpool?

What's next? The Rolling Stonings?

Randy I. Kline - 8/3/2010

Perhaps you Should Have Known Better than to write such a blog, or some may say, "You Can't Do That," but looks like you can.