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Jul 25, 2010 7:56 pm

Workplace Drugtesting

Considering that China’s foolish policy of buying US Treasury bonds is the only thing keeping our Middle Eastern misadventures from running out of gas and ammo, Hillary Clinton's granting yet another example of her stunning talent in introducing the slack-jawed stupid into the world of international relations is troublesome.

I’d ask “what on earth is she thinking” with her poking China, but at this point in her storied diplomatic career I’ll make no such attempt. I've read her"It Takes A Village", and believe you me critical thinking is not her strong (pants)suit. There must be a deeper problem, though.

Keeping in mind that she is a child of the 60s, it is high time we instituted a policy of drug testing Mrs. Clinton on a weekly basis, live and on TV, if not for her own health then for the security of our country. Fox TV will undoubtedly pay a pretty penny for the rights to"Mrs. Clinton Meets The Cup" and we, and the world, may be able to breathe a little easier.

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Haruka Yamazaki - 8/2/2010

This may a good idea for environment where all employe gather and work together. However, it is also costly to do it weekly. I have a simple question that who's gonna pay for it. I don't think most of company want to pay it. Even if they consider about drug-testing for their workplace is important, if they have limited budget, they would use it for something different stuff.