Jun 23, 2010 12:47 pm


I know General McChrystal apologizes for being indiscreet yet again in a Rolling Stone interview. Believe it if you wish. I do not. He has shown signs of wear and tear for some time. I think he's had it and would be thrilled to be fired. He feels he does not have the tools (40,000 soldiers) to win. The opposite is true. His enemies know the date of his departure and are cutting deals in advance. His soldiers are dying in vein. Civilians sent to help him are actively undermining the little chance of success he has left. The president he serves is busy playing golf.

Why not quit? Because he is no quitter. It is much more honorable to get the president to fire him for telling the truth. He also owes his troops to tell the world that if the mission is lost, they are not to blame.

He is not the only shrugging Atlas. There are plenty of businessmen and entrepreneurs disappearing quietly into the mist. David Petraeus collapsed.

We live in scary times.

Also see, Don't blame McChrystal, Blame Obama for failing to signal that using the media to push policy is unacceptable.

Now, this should lead Obama to do his utmost to convince the reluctant general to stay provided he really is committed to winning rather than to a self defeating time table. Afghan politicians rally around Gen. McChrystal

In the meantime the General's smooth"new media type" resigns. Letting an Obama lover anti-war Rolling Stone type loose around McChrystal and company demonstrates a true lack of media savvy and that is his mission, after all or was it to get out the real message of his boss?!

Claudia Rosett notes that it took the Rolling Stone article to force Obama to get to know and, perhaps, even meet McCrystal.

Richard Engel told that there was nothing in the Rolling Stone article that reporters covering the general did not know including the fact that Jim Jones had little access to Barack Obama. It seems that MSM reporters simply kept quiet to protect Obama. McCrystal hoped Rolling Stone may go for the scoop. He turned out to be right.

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