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Islamist may demand respect for their own religion but they show none to others. Once again, they are doing their best to make sure that the Jewish and Christian Sabbaths will be disrupted. Iran war on Israel is focusing on the efforts to break the blockade on Hamas ruled Gaza. Success would enable Iran to ensure that its Hamas proxy would be in possession of missiles able to bring life in central Israel to a halt as her other proxy, Hezbollah, has been able to do in Northern Israel. Such vulnerability, Iran figures would go a long way towards convincing Israel that it has no choice but to live with a nuclear Iran. The thoughtless Western support for ending the blockade on Gaza in the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara IHH/IDF battle, presented an irresistible opportunity.

That and the wish to reclaim the Islamist leadership from Erdogan, are the main reasons that having successfully trapped Turkey into embracing the Jihadist IHH flotilla, Iran is taking matters into its own hands. Two Jihadist flotillas are making their way towards Gaza and are supposed to get their on the weekend. One is sailing directly from Iran supposedly without revolutionary guards (at least not in uniform) on board and the other, an all female one, from Lebanon.

The woman coordinating the female one is Samar Hajj. She is a savvy Islamist who knows how to lie reassuringly to the Western media:

“We are all independent women who believe in breaking the [Israeli] siege on Gaza,” said Samar Hajj, who is coordinating the trip.

Hajj stressed that the activists were not affiliated with Hizbullah or any other political group. “This has nothing to do with Hizbullah even though it is an honor for us to be supporters of the Resistance,” she said.

Independent? Unconnected to Hezbollah? Not according to the Arabic Syriatruth

The Truth reveals that Nasrallah agreed that the first Lebanese ship that Hezbollah will contribute to breaking the blockade of Gaza is to be led by one of officers wife and will be dedicated to the wives, mothers, the sisters of fighters and members of the party and its Beirut allies some of whom will be aboard.

Reliable"Truth" sources confirmed that following the success of the Turkish flotilla, the Hezbollah realized that it made a big mistake not to appreciate the importance of the campaign to break the Gaza blockade and take steps to participate in it. Not wishing to continue to be left out, Amal and Hezbollah decided to cooperating in raising funds and preparing a first ship. So, Hassan Nasrallah call for Lebanese to raise fund for a second blockade breaking flotilla during a ceremony honoring the Turkish victims and the four Lebanese activists who participated in the first flotilla.

According to party sources, amongst those hearing Nassralah call for action was Samir el Hajj, the wife of the former head of the Internal security forces, Major General Ali el Hajj who was jailed along with three other officers for four years for the assassination of Lebanese prime minister Hariri. It was Samir who successfully launched a successful campaign that led to their release by the special international court last year.

These sources said, that Samir decided to organize an all female ship and quickly gained after hearing Nasrallah's call and immediately accepted her idea and put her in charge of the preparations. As she is a journalist with a reputation for being a fluent and tactful speaker, he also appointed her spokesperson.

But why does Samir el Hajj believe she can get away with denying her Hezbollah ties? Because she is a member of a well connected important Sunni family, Al Shalque, known for their Arab nationalism while Amal and Hezbollah are Shiite.

Will there scheme work? Stay tune.

UPDAE: In the meantime, Yasser Kashlak, the Syrian financier of the flotilla also denies any connection with Hezbollah though a year ago he published a letter pledging his loyalty to Nasrallah.

Earlier Syria Truth reported on similar such deceptions:

That article also quoted sources saying that Nasrallah was planning to hide Hezbollah's actions by pretending that the ships are being sent by NGOs - some pre-existing and some to be invented by Hezbollah. For example, one of the weekend's ships is sponsored by"Reporters Without Limits" but it is not, as some reported, Reporters Without Borders, rather an organization completely made up by Hezbollah and employing Hezbollah reporters!

These deceptions are being made, according to that article,"in full coordination with Damascus and Tehran," in order to embarrass Israel.

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Elliott Aron Green - 6/17/2010

Judy, In your fifth from last paragraph, it seems that you meant to say that Samar al-Haj's husband had been jailed for four years for the Hariri assassination. But the word JAILED slipped out. I have read that her husband, Ali al-Haj, was released from jail just about a year ago, after the Hizbullah, the Syrian front group had finally established firm control over the Lebanese state, as a Syrian/Iranian tool. After he was released, the couple was received by Nasrallah who greeted him on his release, no doubt one of Nasrallah's demands on the Lebanese state.