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May 25, 2010 11:21 pm

Twelve Parallels in Political Economy

The federal budget is to a tolerable government

as the Palace of Versailles is to a two-car garage.


The Code of Federal Regulations is to the rule of law

as a trainload of cyanide is to a nutritious diet.


A member of Congress is to the preservation of our liberties

as a member of the Mafia is to the propagation of Christianity.


The Pentagon budget is to the cost of adequate national security

as the Taj Mahal is to low-income housing.


The IRS is to serving the public

as a hungry shark is to a school of small fish.


A government prosecutor is devoted to seeking justice

as a wolf is devoted to preserving a flock of sheep.


Eminent domain takings are to the public interest

as plague epidemics are to the public health.


Government “stimulus” spending is to economic recovery

As a sadistic physical therapist is to physical recovery.


Government planning is to rational allocation of resources

as tone deafness is to musical composition.


Most federal statutes are to the Constitution

as the Crusaders’ plundering and killing were to the Holy Bible.


The Supreme Court flees from logic

as a vampire flees from holy water.


Taxation is to extortion

as extortion is to extortion.

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