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Jun 27, 2005 10:00 am


It’s not quite the level of amazing coincidence attained by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who both died the same day, which furthermore was the 50th anniversary of July 4th, but this comes pretty close: Piglet and Tigger both died over the past weekend, a day apart. [sniff!] I’m referring of course to the voice actors who gave them life in the originaltrilogy of Disneyshorts. John Fiedler is also noteworthy for having played one of the jurors in Sidney Lumet’s brilliant 12 Angry Men, and the avatar of Jack the Ripper in “Wolf in the Fold,” an episode of Star Trek. Paul Winchell did a ton of VO work – go look. (If those NYT links don’t work, the CNN links are here and here.) Anyway, RIP Piglet and Tigger!

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Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 6/28/2005

I had no idea about Piglet too! Darn... I'll update my brief Notablog tribute to Paul Winchell.

Thanks, Aeon. Lots of memories.