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May 3, 2010 9:57 pm

An Interesting Video

As readers will be aware, the British general election campaign concludes with the poll on Thursday. Immigration is a key issue and one that touches on people's concerns about jobs and welfare and national identity.

What may strike American visitors in particular and foreign visitors in general is how so many members of ethnic minorities are thoroughly assimilated into British society. I suggest this truth comes through very clearly in this video about three black candidates, one from each of the three main parties: Chuka Umunna, Karen Hamilton, and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones.

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Keith Halderman - 5/4/2010

Mark I had noticed the controversy concerning Gordon Brown's overheard remarks and then I thought I saw something saying that the Liberal- Democratic candidate was ahead of him. How would you characterize the overall position on government of that party? Also, I did like this video, however, they are ALL so nice until they get some power.