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May 3, 2010 12:01 pm

How to Really Protect the Children

The most important election in the history of drug policy will take place this fall in California where voters shall decide whether or not to legalize marijuana. A recent SurveyUSA News Poll reveals that 56% of the electorate supports the measure while only 42% opposes it. An interesting aspect of the data shows a gender gap with 65% of males in favor but only 46% of females approving. Clearly those who wish a change in policy must develop arguments designed to appeal to women. Perhaps this line of reasoning would have results: if you want to protect your children from marijuana use then legalize it for adults. Under a legal regime you know where cannabis is being sold, you know who is selling it, and there are very strong incentives not to sell it to young people. The way it is now you do not know where marijuana is being sold, you do not know who is selling it, and the dealers, sometimes children themselves, do not care how old the buyers are.

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