Jun 21, 2005 1:07 pm


Finally, some South Korean show they care anough about their northern brethren. Bravo! USA Today reports:

A high-level delegation from North Korea arrived in Seoul for bilateral talks Tuesday and was immediately confronted by demonstrators who angered the visitors by displaying posters of their leader, Kim Jong Il, tied up in ropes.

Why ropes? Because that is the way Kim executes his victims:

Executions have reportedly been carried out by shooting and hanging. According to some sources, the latter method has more or less replaced the former since the 1970s. Some of the descriptions of executions in the 1990s, however, concerned executions by shooting.

In all cases, prisoners were blindfolded before the execution and their arms, legs and body (in some cases up to the neck) were tied up with ropes. In some cases, the prisoner's mouth was also covered with tape. Some prisoners were reported to have stood on a makeshift stage while others stood on the ground or on the back of a lorry. Other prisoners had their hands tied around a pole."Mr. Choi" said that two men who were executed around 1980 in O Bong San, Pyongyang, were"dragged" to the place of execution in front of the crowd. He also claimed that the men were half unconscious."Mr. Lee" who said he witnessed an execution around 1985 in Pyongan South Province, mentioned that the public shouted:"Kill the murderers". Some other prisoners were reported to show signs of beatings. One North Korean said he could not remember seeing signs of beatings but added that the prisoners did look numb and worn out.

Thank God we have a President who reads the right books, knows the truth and bothers to tell it.

It would be so much more easier to end the evil regime if South Koreans shamed their leaders to do the same.

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