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Apr 7, 2010 6:33 pm

Anarchists for Big Government (Maybe Not After All)

In my blog, "Anarchists for Big Government," I criticized a call by a leftwing anarchist site to" crash" the tea parties by defending big government social programs. Perhaps I was too harsh in my conclusion that leftwing anarchism was hopelessly statist. Infoshop News, which published the original call, has added this corrective:
Much of the fuss about the story appears to be directed at a paragraph that calls for a defense of liberal social programs. People seem to think that this is an example of anarchist hypocrisy about statism. Again, this story is the opinion of one person. Several anarchists we've talked to this week have expressed criticism of the call, pointing out that it represents a liberal take on the Tea Party movement. One anarchist pointed out that several of the links in the story point to articles on liberal websites.

Hat tip, Jesse Walker.

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