Mar 24, 2010 12:23 pm


No, indeed. Obama stands up only to allies. He reminds on of Herod of whom Caesar remarked that he would rather be Herod's pig than Herod's son! Countries would rather be Obama's enemies than his allies and the Chinese authorities understand that only too well. XINUA reports: China says Google issue will not affect China-U.S. ties;

Google's withdrawal from the Chinese mainland will not affect China-U.S. relations"unless someone politicizes the issue," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Tuesday.

Qin told a regular press conference the Google issue was a commercial matter and would not damage the image of China.

He said moves to tie the issue to the China-U.S. relations were"making a fuss" and"overstating the issue."

In the meantime, Iranians bemoan:

""Mr. President!

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, the regime that you congratulated last year, is [now] beginning the new Persian year under conditions when nearly 70 Iranian citizens' eyes were shut forever by the regime in the streets of Tehran. These citizens had peacefully come to the streets to ask for their missing votes, but the response to their call was blood and violence.

"This year, officials of the Islamic republic are celebrating Norooz as hundreds of political activists, students, women and ordinary citizens are either behind bars, or are imprisoned in a larger prison called Iran after having posted huge bail for their release, or have had their passports or titles to their property confiscated.

"The officials that you so kindly congratulated last year in observance of their ancient celebration, this year called another ancient tradition, held on the last Wednesday of the year [i.e. Ashura Day, December 27, 2009], as superstition and issued a religious decree authorizing violent attacks on the youth celebrating the tradition. The crime of some was dancing, of others chanting freedom slogans, and of still others chanting death to the dictator."

Obama cannot care less. When forced to meet with dissenters such as the Dalai Lama or leaders of democratic states like Benjamin Netanyahu, he makes them come and go by the back door to insure no pictures would be taken.

Cry, my beloved country!

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