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Jun 14, 2005 4:19 pm

Fear Not China

My article about the fear of China was in yesterday's San Francisco Examiner.

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Bill Woolsey - 6/15/2005

When will we learn.....

That was a gem.

William Marina - 6/15/2005

The Chinese face enormous water problems such as 24,000 villages lost to desertification, with these people added to the 200 million unemployed.
No wonder there are growing peasant revolts reminding some of the toppling or dynasties of old.

Brian Radzinsky - 6/15/2005

China, if anything, is propping up the US with its continued acceptance of Treasury securities. It could one day decide it will no longer accept US deficits and stop buying all together. And that's something Americans would like even less than the Chinese selling more t-shirts than they buy.

Oh and thank you for mentioning the twin deficits that make up the so-called "trade deficit." It's time more Americans realized what those two words entail.

Keith Halderman - 6/14/2005

There is no good reason for us to be in conflict with China unless you long for the good old days of the Cold War.