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Feb 26, 2010 1:08 pm

Early Canadiana Online

This vast collection of Canadian periodicals, official publications, parliamentary debates, records of early governors general, and documents on the Hudson Bay Company, is one of the most exhaustive online resources for studying Canada’s early political history.

Though buried within the Search the Collections section, the website also includes a substantial amount of information on women's history in 19th-century Canada. It provides access to nearly 700 texts, including diaries, novels, travel writings, recipe books, histories, parliamentary acts and debates, medical and religious tracts, and sermons, allowing users to reconstruct the types of experiences that (largely middle-class) women underwent during this period of Canada's national development. Materials could be used to study the construction of both feminine virtue and vice within a particular historical context. Also accessible through the Search section is information on Canadian literature, French Canada, and native studies. A subscription is required to access the browse list and several other collection features, but many resources are available at no cost.

Read a more in-depth review of Canadian Women's History and Early Canadiana Online written by Nora Jaffary of Concordia University.

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