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Feb 25, 2010 2:50 pm

Not So "Bizarre" After All: More on Bernanke, Paul, the Fed, and Watergate

Robert Wenzel has more details:

Clearly, there were some very, very odd transactions that went down which may, or may not, have been abnormally facilitated by the Fed. Was this a normal Fed wire, or something more convoluted? My sense has always been that there was something a bit extraordinary about the way the funds went through the Fed system. It does smell, for sure, and to ask about it is not bizarre.

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Bill Woolsey - 2/25/2010

I followed the links. Not very impressive.

Do you think that Paul is listening to Wenzel? I think it is troubling that Murphy and Ebeling are listed as contributors to Wenzel's blog.

Gee, the Fed had not answers about the currency found with the Watergate burglars? Where were you when libertarians were throwing a fit about government regulations requiring banks to report on any currency withdrawal over $10,000? How exactly was the Fed supposed to know who withdrew the money from which bank? What authority would they have to even ask the banks? Why would a bank keep records of the serial numbers of the currency their customer's withdrew? So they could be helpful to government investigators?

Does Wenzel really think that checks clearing through the Fed requires the personal intervention of the Chairman?

Fed bank examiners failed to catch a foreign bank lending to Saddam Hussein? This is a conspiracy?

The Fed has been doing so many wrong things. Why grasp at these conspiracy straws?