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Feb 21, 2010 11:19 pm

Glenn Greenwald on Libertarianism

Yet more evidence that Glenn Greenwald is one of the best thinkers on the web.

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Tim Sydney - 2/23/2010

As you say GG is one of the best on the web, but you aren't too bad yourself!

Robert Higgs - 2/22/2010

I enjoy Glenn Greenwald's columns. He has been one of the few writers on the left to maintain consistency in support of civil liberties, regardless of the party or the president who happens to be committing the crimes. Everything he says about the fake pro-freedom Republicans is true.

But let us not give Glenn too much credit. Libertarians have been making these observations from time immemorial. It is good that someone with Glenn's audience is speaking this way. But were the rest of us so obtuse that we could not make people see the point during the past forty years? Maybe so. Maybe we libertarians are simply such social misfits that we are incapable of communicating within the society whose lunatic fringe we occupy.