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Jun 8, 2005 9:34 am

Philosophy and Democracy

The BBC’s website has an interesting example of the sort of contest one isn’t as likely to find in the US – vote for your favorite philosopher (hat tip: CT). They’ve already narrowed it down, so nominees are set, but if the final 20, I’m sure you’ll find one to be worth voting for (and of course, the final 20 does in fact include the 3 or 4 best, so you certainly can vote for the best one if you like, though democracy being what it is, there’s no guarantee that the best will win). But go vote anyway, for fun. It’s an interesting website, if nothing else – the nominees have celebrity endorsements. Speaking of philosophy, the NYT reports that President Bush was a B+ philosophy student at Yale. (FWIW, Kerry was a B+ student in poli sci – and they had a cum-gpa of C.)

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Kenneth R Gregg - 6/8/2005

But it should be! It would make it more likely that I would watch that program.

Hmmm. How about a TV Reality Show with modern philosophers? Then maybe we could actually find out how many it takes to screw in the proverbial lightbulb!

Just a thought.
Just Ken