Feb 14, 2010 3:32 pm


Thomas F. Cooley and Peter Rupert, America's Two Economies: One is recovering and one isn't. The accompanying charts are horrific.

John Rosenthal,After Siemens Departure, German Firms Remain Heavily Involved in Iran Not surprised.

MEMRI, In Al-Jazeera TV Debate on Obama's First Year, Former U.S. Senate Candidate Muhammad Said Al-Bourini, Says:

Obama 'Brought Zionist Jews Into His Administration... to Monitor Them Closely'; 'He Wanted There To Be Division Among U.S. Jewry – So That They Would Join Him and J-Street, and Confront... AIPAC'

Alex Grobman, Were the Oslo Accords a state of mind? Perhaps, but is was also too hopeful a reading of the future of world history.

Harsh V. Pant,Many in denial over China's quest for bases and not only in the US.

Chuck Squatrigli,Electric Cars, And Chargers, Poised to Flood Israel and, then, hopefully the rest of the world. If only they get the price right.

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