Feb 11, 2010 12:03 pm


Barack Obama's great ambition is to be a transformative president like Reagan. Reagan was transformative because in a very unsophisticated manner, he insisted that the way to end the Cold War is"they lose; we win" and proceeded to do just that. Barack Obama has a similar opportunity to win the 31 year war Iran has wages against the US. He can do what Reagan did and help the Iranian people rid themselves of their oppressors. What stops him is his absurd fear of"meddling" so carefully instilled in him by his leftist professors. Instead of standing by the people, he keeps reassuring the Mullahs that nothing they say or would lead him to close the door in disgust. Reuel Marc Erecht correctly notes:

The administration should have no illusions: Ayatollah Khamenei’s regime is irretrievably paranoid. In its eyes, Western states, which have so far done next to nothing to help the democracy movement, are as culpable as the dissidents for Iran’s troubles. The supreme leader will seek ways to get even. And he isn’t going to give up his nukes. But a democratic Iran probably would.

Just watch their propaganda video and, then, decide if Obama's excuses for his failure to support the opposition has any merit.

Aware of Obama's indifference to moral claims, Gerecht tries to entice him to do the right thing on political/legacy grounds:

Without the bogeyman of a Great Satan and the militant dream of regional hegemony, a Persian Parliament, overwhelmed with the people’s demands, would find much better things than enriched uranium to spend the nation’s money on. And if the clerical regime cracks, Mr. Obama will get credit. In no other endeavor, foreign or domestic, is the president likely to earn as much.

Indeed, nothing Reagan's detractors can say against him can ultimately detract from Reagan's legacy of winning the Cold War in a manner Sun Tzu would have celebrated, without firing a shot. Obama has a chance to emulate him. If only he could transcend his ideological blinders and dare do the right thing.

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