Feb 11, 2010 10:18 am


Iran is now a 'nuclear state' says Ahmadinejad as thousands take to the streets under regime auspices. The regime first emptied the main square then filled it with its people and technological tricks -

Enki1: RT @azadi66: RT @GreenQuran: in the north part of Azadi sq. the speakers are not working and we hear only death to Dictator #iranelection #22bahman

meanwhile opress tv is putting a color filter so its simply a matter of seeing green through yet another color

its hilarious this part of the psycho war - they try loudspeakers - it backfires, they try color censors but it just does the inverse and now their sites are being hacked

they even have changed the garbage bins to metal

AP reports -

Protesters were heavily outnumbered by those at the official rally, according to AP's Tehran correspondent.

The agency talked to some dejected opposition supporters.

"There were 300 of us, maximum 500. Against 10,000 people," one protester said.

"It means they won and we lost. They defeated us. They were able to gather so many people. But this doesn't mean we have been defeated for good. It's a defeat for now, today. We need time to regroup," she said.

Another protester insisted the opposition had come out in significant numbers, but"the problem was that we were not able to gather in one place because they (security forces) were very violent."

"Maybe people got scared. Today was not a good day."

Live blogging Here Opposition promises to fight another day - the day is not over yet. . . and there are more venues -

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