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Jun 14, 2005 4:38 am

Interesting reaction to Darfur's horrors

I am appalled at this. When will humanity prevail and tribalism cease. What does Rowanda have to do with this?

I have received this from a group and copied it. These are not my comments but the author's.

Why Is the West Showing So Much Interest in Darfur?


Friday, 3, June, 2005 (Comments in RED are Mine)

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In a recent interview with the Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande said massacres in his country continued unabated under the very nose of the United Nations which has troops stationed in the region and that neither the UN nor the international community had lifted a finger. The minister further stated that for the past ten yeas Rwanda has been neglected by the international community with the UN doing nothing to disarm the rebels.

But all of a sudden, and as a result of foreign intervention exploiting internal dissent, Darfur province in western Sudan has the world’s attention. The media exaggerated the size of the rebellion portraying what is happening in the province as the largest humanitarian tragedy in the 21st century. Claims of mass murder, rape and other violations of human rights appeared in every media organ and the Khartoum government was attacked as no other government in the world has ever been.

A monitor of African affairs may ask why all this sudden interest in Darfur and this blatant intervention in Sudan’s internal affairs while massacres in Rwanda and other parts of the world were still going on. The question is worth being asked, especially after an organization like Medicines Sans Frontiers gave a different interpretation to what has happened in Darfur contrary to what has been claimed by the Western media.

Amnesty International’s report claiming mass murder in Darfur is as untrue as the claims by the United States on Iraqi WMD used as a pretext to attack and occupy Iraq . Foreign powers have sought by all means to derail the Sudanese peace talks between the north and south before adding fuel to the fire in Darfur. Those powers drove some tribes to rebel against the legitimate government in Khartoum in order to open the door to foreign intervention and the ultimate disintegration of Sudan into tiny tribal entities to serve their strategic interests.

The recent minisummit on Darfur held in Tripoli, Libya, was timely since it managed to put a halt to the military intervention by the West in Sudan . The summit attended by the leaders of Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Eritrea and Gabon agreed on the resumption of peace talks in Abuja and the convening of a national conference for all the people of Darfur to ascertain their views on the conflict.

The seven African leaders laid a road map to resolve the conflict through successive steps that address the roots of the problem. The summit’s most important decision in my view is its rejection of any intervention by a non-African nation in Darfur. The summit wanted to keep the issue an African affair to be settled within an African framework.

The African Union has about 2,400 troops and 244 civilian police trying to restore peace in Darfur. On April 28 it voted to increase the force to 6,171 military personnel and 1,560 police by the end of September.

Sudan is passing through an extremely critical stage in its history. Sudanese political and other civic powers must unite to ensure the stability of Darfur and work hard to lay down a new basis for governing the country in a manner that would satisfy all parties under the auspices of the African Union. Continued foreign intervention threatens Sudan ’s unity and stability and the future of its people who should be allowed to live as an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Foreign powers must take their hands off Sudan.

Comments – Mine

We are back to square one. Where & what are the Muslim organizations like the Arab League & OIC doing with regard to the general conflict/s that is going on in Sudan. In the absence of any cohesive Muslim approach to the problems that are facing the Muslim world the enemies of the Muslims & Islam & those Muslims in their payroll are taking advantage of the situation to further their ambitions.

The Muslims on the other hand are so busy causing confusion among themselves in every possible sphere. Be it politics, religious affairs etc. They don’t have time & resources left in them to counter the plots & plans that certain sections of the Non Muslim world have drafted. Unlike in the West there is no question of the Muslim world closing ranks to confront the common enemy ignoring the petty differences.


"For to us will be their return; then it will be for us to call them to account." (Holy Quran 88:25-26)

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