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Following every incident of Islamist terror, citizens are cautioned not to fall prey to"Islamophobia." The Organization of Muslim Countries (OIC) has successfully curtailed Western freedom of speech as it relates to Islam and Muslims. Unfortunately, no similar protection is afforded Jews, Christians, Buddhists or Hindus since there are no organizations of Christian or Buddhist countries dedicated to the protection of their coreligionists and the United Nations, as usual, is no where to be found. George Washington professor John Esposito's correctly writes:

Recent attacks against Christians in Egypt and firebomb attacks on churches in Malaysia have raised major concerns about deteriorating rights and security for religious minorities in Muslim countries. . . .

In the town of Nag Hamadi in southern Egypt, seven people were killed when gunmen sprayed automatic fire into a crowd of churchgoers after an Orthodox Christmas midnight mass on January 7th. Officials believe the attack was in retaliation for the November rape of a Muslim girl by a Christian man. Clashes between Muslims and Christians are not uncommon in southern Egypt or, in recent years, in Cairo. In Malaysia, where Muslims make up 60% of the population, four churches were attacked with firebombs and bands of militants threatened further actions. Malaysia has long been cited as an example and model of a progressive multiracial and multiracial Muslim country. However, its peaceful coexistence has been strained by interreligious tensions and conflicts between the Malay majority and the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities who are mostly Christians, Buddhists and Hindus.

In recent years, Malay militants have insisted that Christians stop using"Allah, the Malay term for God, despite the fact that this has been an accepted practice in Malaysia as it is in Indonesia and the Middle East. Malaysia's Home Ministry prohibited Catholics from using the word in their Malay-language publications since 2007. Customs officials seized 15,000 Bibles from Indonesia because they used the word"Allah" as a translation for God. . . .

Religious minorities in the Muslim world, constitutionally entitled in many countries to equality of citizenship and religious freedom, increasingly fear the erosion of those rights -- and with good reason. Interreligious and inter-communal tensions and conflicts have flared up not only in Egypt and Malaysia but also in Sudan, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. Conflicts have varied, from acts of discrimination, to forms of violence escalating to murder, and the destruction of villages, churches and mosques.

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Elliott Aron Green - 1/14/2010

Since you mentioned the OIC [organization of the Islamic conference], it would be well to bear in mind that the same OIC has great influence over the UN's so-called "human rights council." It was the OIC that initiated the goldstone commission. See link: