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Dec 29, 2009 12:34 pm

Another Old Picture

This is from IHS in the Summer of 1987 and includes quite a number of libertarian luminaries in it. Sorry for the large file size but I needed the good resolution.

The core of the IHS staff at the time is down front: Walter Grinder, Leonard Liggio, John Blundell. In front fo the porch on the right are Randy Barnett, Sheldon Richman, Jeremy Shearmur, and Ralph Raico. Students there include, that I can identify, Roderick Long, Pete Boettke, Dave Prychitko, myself, and I believe that's Emily Chamlee-Wright between Pete and Dave. I think I also see John Majewski down front and maybe Todd Zywicki as well. Folks can feel free to correct me or add names that I've missed in the comments.

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jo kwong - 1/12/2010

Some more possible names.

Last row from right to left are David Mayer, David Beito, Jo Kwong, Tom Palmer

The row with the "unknown women" are Andrea Salzburg, Sharon Kern (receptionist), ?Rosemary Boettke? and Margo Reeves.

I'll send the photo to Rosemary to see if that's her.

David T. Beito - 1/5/2010

And we drank buckets and buckets of coffee!

David N. Mayer - 1/4/2010

Just confirming that, indeed, it's David Beito and I (David Mayer) who are on the right side of the back row. 1987-88 was the year David and I were "post-doc" fellows at IHS. We had office space in the "cottage" (of the old IHS facility), along with Tom Palmer.

Steven Horwitz - 1/4/2010

I don't have any others folks.

David T. Beito - 1/4/2010

It would have to be 1989 (or earlier). I started at UNLV in the fall of 1989 and the picture was taken before I left.

Common Sense - 1/3/2010


Common Sense - 1/3/2010

Would appreciate it.

Dan Schmutter - 1/3/2010

Steve -

Do you have a photo from 1988?


David T. Beito - 12/30/2009

I have this photo too. Two copies! Anne Hudson is sitting on John Blundell's left.

Elaine Hawley - 12/30/2009

Back row l-r (unknown, Larry White, Tom Palmer, perhaps Jo Kwong, David Beito, unknown)

3d row (ladies in front of Richman et al. (Andrea Salzburg- secretary, unknown, unknown, Margo Reeves-graphic artist.

The woman next to Pete doesn't look like Emily. It might be Catherine Valcke (Faculty of Law, University of Toronto);profile=56&cType=facMembers.

Once you get all the ID's, I would love it if you could you tag the names and send me a jpg for the IHS archive? Elaine Hawley (IHS librarian)

Common Sense - 12/30/2009

If that is Mayer top right, going to his right (our left) is, I think, David Beito, Jo Kwong, Tom Palmer, and just maybe Larry White. Is that Christine Blundell next to Walter? Is that Margo the art director in front of Ralph?

Steven Horwitz - 12/29/2009

Yup, Todd far left front row I think. And yes, that is David Mayer back there I think.

Also, it's not Emily C-W. It's Catherine Valcke (sp?) who was a Canadian law student.

Sheldon Richman - 12/29/2009

What a find! That is John Majewski, front right. Is Todd on the left? I think that's David Mayer, back row, right.