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May 28, 2005 9:56 pm

Yet Another Useless Bureaucrat

In today's e-mail I got an announcement about a bill signing from one of my state delegates, the very liberal Democrat Joan Stern. With a great deal of pride she told me that, "This bill will create a new position in the Maryland State Department of Education specifically for a full-time physical education program director. This marks a significant stride forward in the fight against obesity and will help provide our children with the tools to learn healthy habits."

I sent her the following reply: Delegate Stern, How is another overpaid, paper shuffling, red tape creating bureaucrat going help to fight obesity? The money would be much better spent on basketballs. And, why is how much people weigh the government's business anyways? The purpose of government is to protect us from the force and fraud of others, not ourselves. You and your ilk are busily creating a society where every question is decided by the coercive force of the state and people have no more control over their own lives than slaves did in the Antebellum South. That is nothing to be proud of. Keith Halderman

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Steve Johnson - 5/28/2005

I propose a libertarian corollary to Godwin's law (

"As a discussion about liberty grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving antebellum slavery approaches one.
And, once such a comparison is made, the discussion is over, and whoever mentioned slavery has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress.