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Jan 14, 2010 10:21 am

Moreno on the Democratic Party

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jack - 1/1/2010

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Jeff Riggenbach - 12/13/2009

. . . for those sufficiently ignorant of American history to take it seriously at all.


Anthony Gregory - 12/12/2009

The Republicans were the party of bigger government for the second half of the 19th century. Lincoln was an economic interventionist whose policies hurt the free economy just as Democrats' policies do today. Then this article skips over the classical liberal Democrat Cleveland, the fact that Republicans were the first big Progressives (McKinley, Teddy and Taft -- who together gave us the income tax among other economically destructive policies), and the way the post-war Republican Party reclaimed the big-government, warmongering orientation that the Democrats between Wilson and Truman had stolen from the Republicans. 200 years ago the Democrats were still the party of Jefferson -- hardly perfect, but arguably less corporatist and interventionist than the Federalists and Whigs, the forefathers of the GOP. I find this article oversimplifies American history to the point of making it unclear which political philosophy it is really advocating. Over the last 200 years, the two parties dramatically shifted their emphasis in economic policy so many times that it's impossible to make a case that the Dems have been the job-killer for 200 years. Also, Bush, Greenspan and the Republicans borrowed, inflated and spent us into the current economic catastrophe. The Democrats might be worse on economics, but, to draw from the article, the GOP have been "mass murderers" of jobs -- and of people -- as well, from Lincoln to Bush II.