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May 25, 2005 1:32 pm


Via Will Wilkinson, another books meme: “What 5 books are you vaguely embarrassed to admit you haven’t read?” Ok, I’ll bite:

1. Tolstoy, War and Peace

2. Tocqueville, Democracy in America

3. Cervantes, Don Quixote

4. Plato, Cratylus

5. Milton, Paradise Lost

I’m sure if I thought about it, I could come up with dozens.

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Aeon J. Skoble - 5/27/2005

Then perhaps you could save me some time and give me the executive summary of the Cratylus?

James Otteson - 5/27/2005

Like Roderick, I've read every book that's ever been written . . . in the original languages, of course.

Aeon J. Skoble - 5/27/2005

The "many more" is of course true for me also.

John G. Pappas - 5/26/2005

1. Anything by Aeschylus
2. Ulysses S. Grant, "Personal Memoirs
3. Moby Dick - Melville
4. The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer
5. Nietzche's - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
and many more... obviously...

David T. Beito - 5/26/2005

Paradise Lost is a lot of fun to listen to on tape. Perhaps that is also the best way to tackle War and Peace (which I have not read either).