Dec 7, 2009 12:49 pm


Forget the arrogant elite morality play in Copenhagen. The real one continues to unfold in Iran. And, there, real lives are at stake, immediately theirs, soon ours. AP reports:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Thousands of opposition protesters have clashed with Iranian security forces and pro-government militiamen outside Tehran University on a day of planned student demonstrations. Witnesses say militiamen waded into the crowds of protesters, beating men and women on the heads and shoulders with batons, while security forces fired tear gas.

LIVE BLOGGING here and here shows huge crowds near university. The Basij are ready for them. It is The protest was expected as it is national students day commemorating the death of three students 1953 anti American demonstrations. Gunfire heard reports the BBC. You can hear it, too.

How low can the Iranian state stoop?

NYT - reports that they are arresting bereaved mothers. Now we know the reason they need 20 nuclear sites:

A day earlier, Iran tightened security in an apparent attempt to suppress any antigovernment rallies and arrested more than 20 mothers who were mourning children killed in the unrest that has broken out since the disputed June 12 elections.

The mothers had taken part in a vigil protest in Leleh Park in central Tehran every Saturday since the death in June of Neda Agha-Soltan, 26, whose shooting became a symbol of the government’s violent repression. The rally had been attacked by the police before, but Saturday was the first time the mothers were arrested.

An opposition Web site reported that the protest was broken up by the police and that many demonstrators were taken away. The BBC Persian service quoted a witness who said 29 women were arrested, some of whom were later released. But at least 21 remained in jail, the BBC said.

It was unclear whether Ms. Agha-Soltan’s mother, who had participated in the vigils, was present on Saturday and was among those arrested.

The protest is not confined to Tehran but there is also are mass protest at the university in Mashad as well as Arak, Shiraz, Kerman and Isfahan.

Note how the protesters invert old slogans.

Also see, The ironies of history from Pearl Harbor to Iran.

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