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Dec 6, 2009 6:56 am

December 2009: New Jefferson Letter Found & 2009 in Review




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  • Historian Finds John Brown's Link To Vermont: To some - 19th century abolitionist John Brown was a folk hero. To others he was a violent terrorist. To this day Brown is considered one of the more controversial figures of the 1800s. December 2, marks the 150th anniversary of Brown's execution following his failed raid at Harper's Ferry Virginia.... - Vermont Public Radio (12-1-09)


  • Student finds letter 'a link to Jefferson': An 1808 letter from Thomas Jefferson turns up during archiving by a University of Delaware graduate student. Student uncovers letter among archives of mementos of elite Delaware family... Thomas Jefferson's 1808 letter part of archives gift to University of Delaware..."This letter was like a link to Jefferson himself," student says Library official says,"To hold it in your hands is really quite thrilling"
    In a nondescript conference room tucked inside the library at the University of Delaware, a graduate student found a historian's equivalent to a needle in a haystack. Amanda Daddona said she discovered a personal letter from Thomas Jefferson amid one of 200 boxes of legal documents, minutes from meetings and day-to-day correspondence of a prominent Delaware family.... - CNN, 12-4-09
  • Residents, historians work for landmarks in Harlem: Michael Henry Adams, a local historian and graduate of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, agreed, saying,"Harlem is grossly under-landmarked, and so is every black neighborhood in the city." He added,"If you look at the Upper East Side and Upper West Side, all the places where the richest people live, there's the most landmarking.".... - Columbia Spectator (12-3-09)
  • Joy Damousi: Historian examines the lives of war generation (Australia): A prominent Melbourne academic is researching the impact of memories of WWII in Greece and the Civil War on Greek-Australians.... - Greek Reporter (11-30-09)
  • Historians seeks to capture and preserve 100-year farm heritage: For 100 years Henry Armstrong's family has farmed the same patch of central Montana land, hanging on through the Depression, low wheat prices and the ever-present risk that the next generation would move on... - Google News (11-27-09)
  • Historians are at war over 'old-fashioned' flagship series: TELEVISION historian Neil Oliver has been likened to a"pygmy on a giant's territory" by a leading academic as the bitter row over the BBC’s flagship A History of Scotland series intensifies.... - The Herald Scotland (11-26-09)


  • Historian David Reynolds says Obama should pardon John Brown: IT'S important for Americans to recognize our national heroes, even those who have been despised by history. Take John Brown. Today is the 150th anniversary of Brown's hanging — the grim punishment for his raid weeks earlier on Harpers Ferry, Va. With a small band of abolitionists, Brown had seized the federal arsenal there and freed slaves in the area. His plan was to flee with them to nearby mountains and provoke rebellions in the South. But he stalled too long in the arsenal and was captured. He was brought to trial in a Virginia court, convicted of treason, murder and inciting an insurrection, and hanged on Dec. 2, 1859.... - NYT (12-1-09)


  • Beth Bailey: Historian's new book considers America's all-volunteer Army America's Army: Making the All-Volunteer Force - Temple University (12-3-09)
  • We join a movement in progress: a review of Cynthia Griggs Fleming's"Yes We Did?' If Barack Obama's 2008 election is history's answer to Martin Luther King's 46-year-old"I Have a Dream" speech, then African Americans must be on the cusp of . . . what, exactly? In"Yes We Did?" historian Cynthia Griggs Fleming offers an academic overview of the civil rights movement's triumphant past and uncertain future.... - The Washington Post (12-4-09)
  • Historian's says Hudson's 'did not discover anything': Four-hundred years ago, Henry Hudson set sail from Europe in an attempt to discover a new route to Asia by heading east. His mission was not successful, but he traveled along what has become the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. River Edge resident and local historian Kevin Wright explores the quadricentennial of Hudson's voyage in his new book,"1609: A Country That Was Never Lost: 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's Visit with North Americans of the Middle Atlantic Coast."... - North Jersey (11-26-09)


  • Horse racing was best before British, says historian: Dr Natalie Zacek, from The University of Manchester says the 1861–1865 Civil War changed American racing forever, by forcing it to modernise using the English model... - The University of Manchester (12-1-09)
  • Historian unearthes Civil War war criminal: Her breath quickened as she caught sight of a name engraved in stone. Could it possibly be him? As Carolyn Stier Ferrell stepped closer, she could see that, yes, she had found her man! At the Odd Fellows Home Cemetery atop Boot Hill in New Providence, Ferrell found the final resting place of Thomas Pratt Turner.... - The Leaf Chronicle (11-29-09)


  • Ivan the Terrible film 'slanders Russia' and should be banned, historian says: Vyacheslav Manyagin has asked Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to outlaw the film, which he claims is an insult to Russian statehood. ..."Imagine that they made a film in America about George Washington in which the first US president was portrayed as a bloodthirsty maniac," Mr Manyagin said."This film slanders the Russian people and state."... - Telegraph (UK) (11-28-09)


  • Interview with D.N.Jha, eminent historian: "Historians who come in proximity to power change their secular lines" DWIJENDRA NARAYAN JHA, an eminent historian, has campaigned extensively against the communalisation of history. His book Myth of the Holy Cow,wherein he dispelled popular misconceptions that Muslims introduced beef-eating in India, created ripples in political circles. - Frontline (Volume 26) (12-1-09)


  • Mihailo Pantic, Srdjan Pirivatric: Bulgarian president awards Serbian writer and historian: At the awarding ceremony in the Bulgarian Presidency, Pantic was presented with the Holly Brothers Cyril and Methodius award for his contribution to the popularization of the Bulgarian culture in Serbia and promotion of relation between the Bulgarian and Serbian people. Bsanna News (12-4-09)
  • Historian one of 10 human rights award winners (Toronto): Most Torontonians are not familiar with the black experience in Canada, but for Adrienne Shadd, African-Canadian history is in her blood. Shadd is the great-great-grandniece of Mary Ann Shadd Cary, the first black women to publish and edit a newspaper in North America.... - The Toronto Observer (11-26-09)
  • UK diplomat questions post of Jews on Iraq panel: A British diplomat has criticized the appointment of two leading Jewish academics to the UK's Iraq Inquiry panel, stating it may upset the balance of the inquiry. Sir Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador to Libya, told The Independent newspaper this week that the appointment of Sir Martin Gilbert, the renowned Holocaust historian and Winston Churchill biographer, and Sir Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies and vice-principal of King's College London, would be seen as"ammunition" that could be used to call the inquiry a"whitewash."... - The Jerusalem Post (via OpEdNews) (11-25-09)
  • The re-emergence of historian Richard Hofstadter: Hofstadter, who died in 1970, was at one time amongst America's pre-eminent historians. He documented the evolution of the country's political culture and its populist underpinnings from the Revolution to the post- Kennedy-assassination era. It's no surprise that his work is still generally relevant, but his landmark 1964 essay, The Paranoid Style in American Politics, is Cassandra-like in its prescience. - John Moore in the National Post (11-26-09)


  • Rebuttal of Decade-Old Accusations Against Researchers Roils Anthropology Meeting Anew: The annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association opened here on Wednesday, and its official theme is"The End/s of Anthropology." But people here might suspect that one thing will never end: the controversy surrounding Darkness in El Dorado, a 2000 book that accused two prominent scholars of misdeeds in their work with an indigenous community in South America Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon (W.W. Norton), was written by Patrick Tierney... - The Chronicle of Higher Education (12-3-09)
  • Carpentersville students chat with renowned historian Howard Zinn (Illinois): Between preparing for the premiere of his documentary and promoting it with the likes of Matt Damon and Viggo Mortensen, historian and activist Howard Zinn found some time to speak with students at Dundee-Crown High School on Tuesday.... - The Daily Herald (12-2-09)


  • Royal Society papers provide science, history resources: The 350th anniversary of Britain's Royal Society (making it the world's oldest scientific institution) will be marked by the release of a vast library of papers online from the likes of Sir Isacc Newton and Benjamin Franklin. This isn't just science nerd stuff, though. This is a treasure trove of history that is easily connected to modern scientific thought. The library itself can be found at and is remarkable in its extensiveness... - ZD Net, 11-29-09




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  • Remembering Jean-François Bergier: Swiss historian: "You have to be responsible for your past," the Swiss historian Jean-François Bergier once said. And he knew exactly how challenging that could be for his country... - Times Online (11-30-09)
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