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May 23, 2005 3:48 pm

Dec. 05 meeting of AAPSS at the APA

Following up on Roderick's announcement of the 2005 meeting of the Molinari Society, I'm pleased to announce the program for the 2005 meeting of the American Association for the Philosophical Study of Society, which, like the Molinari Society, meets in conjunction with the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association. The APA this year will be Dec. 27-30 in my old hometown of NYC. (The AAPSS session hasn't been assigned a time slot yet; I'll post it when we have been.) This year, the AAPSS meeting will be a symposium exploring the new book by Douglas Rasmussen and Douglas Den Uyl, Norms of Liberty: A Perfectionist Basis for Non-Perfectionist Politics. The session will be moderated by Prof. Fred D. Miller, Jr., of Bowling Green State Univ. and the Social Philosophy and Policy Center. Symposiasts will be Edwin England of Denison University, Charlotte Thomas of Mercer University, David Thunder of Notre Dame University, and yours truly. (For those of you keeping score, that's 3 philosophers and one political scientist (Thunder).) The authors will be in attendance and may respond to papers or take questions from audience members. This promises to be a lively symposium on a fascinating book, so I hope some L&P readers (and co-bloggers!) can make it.

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