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May 18, 2005 4:30 pm

Postlibertarian Sith

I recently dug up and posted two older pieces of mine: a critique of Jeffrey Friedman’s postlibertarianism and a short story about becoming a Sith Lord. With empires rising both onscreen and off, this seemed as good a time as any to make them available.

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Max Swing - 5/19/2005

I'd also like to give you this line from Babylon 5, Long:

But I know one line from the Series Babylon 5, which is a good series if you want to know how Authoritarian and Totalitarian regimes come about, (Episode 21 "Comes the Inquisitor", Season 2) that captures fairly good Mr. Bushs attempt to be. It is such a good line, because President Bush himself once said that he admires the series Babylon 5 for his insight, although he most obviously wanted to be like John Sheridan (the hero of the series).
However, I must say that he sounds a lot more like Mr. Sebastian (perhaps this is even more articulate than Mr. Bush himself):

"The city was drowning in decay [about London around 1888]. Chaos, Immorality, a Message needed to be send. Pledged in blood, for all the world to see - A Warning. In the pursuit of my holy cause, I did things, terrible things, unspeakable things. The World condemned me, but it didn't matter, because I believed I was right and the world was wrong. I believed I was the divine messenger. I believed, I was chosen.."

Max Swing - 5/19/2005

Especially the last page shows the screwed mind who tries to defend mass-murder with his nationalism.

But I think I have seen this article somewhere else on this blog Oo

Kenneth R Gregg - 5/19/2005

Looks at that essay David.
It does show neocons true colors!

Just a thought.
Just Ken

David Timothy Beito - 5/18/2005

Have you seen these defense of for the pro-empire side in Star Wars by the Weekly Standard?