Nov 11, 2009 10:27 am


This morning Bill Bennett spent a good portion of his morning show complaining about the political correctness and moral equivalency that not only played a crucial role in the army's failure to prevent the Fort Hood massacre but also in the inane refusal to face the Jihadist reality behind it. It is therefore ironic that Bennett fell into the same trap himself when he compared the Islamist psychiatrist Nidal Hasan with the brilliant scientist Stewart Nozette who wanted to spy for Israel.

At first, I thought he meant to point out how much more threatening the FBI considered Nozette than Hasan. It ran no sting operations against him! But no, Bennett merely wished to point out that both should have been treated equally!

Why the absurd comparison?

Because he is afraid that criticizing a Muslim, albeit a vile terrorist, without also criticizing a Jew (or at least an Israel supporter) would mark him as a subjective racist. In other words, he showed himself as politically correct as those he reviled. I wish I could laugh at the inanity of it all but I cannot.

I wrote him an email suggesting that a more apt comparison would be German, Italian and Japanese Americans during W.W.II. Indeed, there were plenty of instances of questionable loyalties amongst them. But, no, he stuck with the Jewish comparison as if it were Jewish religious fanatics who set out to destroy the Western world.

Why pick on Bill Bennett?

Because if Bill Bennette cannot see straight what can be expected of Bill Maher?

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G. M. Roper - 11/11/2009

I cannot believe that one of my favorite columnists has succumbed to this vile trashing of language and attitude called Political Correctness. It really will be the death of us if we refuse to see that PC balkanizes us, and makes us easier to pick off.