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May 16, 2005 9:40 am

A priori knowledge

Can we know things a priori? Well, I'm reasonably certain this is false:
A.O. Scott (NYT) on Star Wars Episode III:"It's better than Star Wars." I'm sure I'll go see it, fanboy that I am, and maybe it'll even be good, but I cannot imagine it'll be as good as Scott makes it out to be. Of course, the NYT is legendarily obtuse about sci-fi (including space-operas that technically aren't sci-fi).

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Jonathan Dresner - 5/16/2005

I'm sure that Episode III is a technically better film than IV; even the acting and writing, bad as it sounds in that review, is probably better. But when you compare it to the movies around it this year and last, is it that different, as filmmaking goes, from LotR, Harry Potter, X-Men, etc? Maybe by degrees, but not by quantum leaps, the way Episode IV was in its day.