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Oct 20, 2009 7:30 pm

Another Lawless DA

For some time now when it comes to the issue of medical marijuana the federal government has been seen as the problem with local officials perceived as being much more reasonable. However, with the promulgation of a Justice Department memo ordering personnel to stop prosecuting medical marijuana suppliers in compliance with state laws that allow it and the declaration by Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley that he intends to shut down medical cannabis clinics that make a profit these roles are being reversed.

Cooley’s intentions raise a number of questions. He says he will “target stores who are profiting and selling to people who don't qualify for medicinal marijuana.” Since he has no medical expertise how is he to determine who does and does not deserve relief? This becomes just another case of law enforcement putting their ill informed judgments ahead of doctors. Also, physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and insurance companies all make profits supplying all sorts of medical services why should medical marijuana clinics be any different? In addition, city government has “been unable to pass an ordinance governing the dispensaries.” How can people follow rules that do not exist? It seems that whether or not you are in compliance depends upon the whim of Steve Cooley. Lastly, because robberies, rapes, and murders occur in Los Angles County on a daily basis would not the public be better served by a different employment of limited law enforcement resources?

Clearly, the people living in Los Angles County are in the same predicament as those residing in San Diego County. They both are saddled with vicious district attorneys who care much more about the welfare of their political careers than they do about the well being of the citizens they are supposed to protect.

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