Sep 23, 2009 10:56 am


As I have reported, the UN report on Gaza was designed to benefit those seeking to isolate Israel and, essentially, replace the old Arab boycott. According to Gal Beckerman, the boycotters are making progress:"Palestinian-Led Movement To Boycott Israel Is Gaining Support ‘Our South Africa Moment Has Finally Arrived,’ Says One Leader." (hat tip: David aka Soccerdad) In the same vein, the Israeli foreign ministry informs us that UK boycott is coordinated with Goldstone report

Defensive actions are fine. But the time has come again to go on the offense. The time has come to replicate the success of"Buy Danish" campaign with which we responded to the boycott Danish movement in the aftermath of the infamous Danish cartoons. Not only has the"Buy Danish" movement succeed in softening the economic blow suffered by the Danes but it also gave them heart, assured them that they are not alone. Israelis can use similar help, similar encouragement.

Let us say NO. No, we will not isolate the only democracy in the Middle East. No, we will not isolate the only Jewish state on the globe. No, we will not permit the destruction of the successful economy holocaust survivors and refugees built with one hand because the other was forced to hold the gun.

Click here or here for a website designed for this purpose. I suggest you start with my personal favorite, Dead Sea beauty products Ahava (love) which are tageted for boycott by Code Pink amongst others.

Shopping in Trader Joe as the dozens who went there to counter Israeli goods boycott effort have done.

You may also save money and contribute to Israeli charities by purchasing through the internet at Israel products. Not only is shipping free and 100% of net profits go to charity but you get FREE $10 GIFT CARD! with your order of $60 or more!

So, let's put our buying power to work. I know the idea is not novel. But our enemies are not relenting so neither dare we.

UPDATE: I found this stock recommendation (I know nothing on the subject)

Now let’s take a look at some of my favorite low-priced stocks to buy right now. For starters, we’ll go outside the U.S. to highlight Israel’s IncrediMail (MAIL). This emerging small-cap firm develops software that lets users customize e-mail, using animation, 3D effects, handwritten signatures and sound effects.

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