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"Hamas officials welcomed the Goldstone report's unusually harsh condemnation of Israel, but rejected criticism of itself," reports the BBC. No kidding. After all, the report is even less critical of Hamas's behavior than Ghazil Hamadi, the Hamas representative who guided"Zionist" Richard Goldstone on his fact finding mission to Gaza, has been.

Yes, I am referring to the same Ghazil Hamadi who said that Israel"is not a country of humans. These are animals and a group of gangs, and this country must be wiped off the face of the earth."

For Ghazil Hamadi, unlike Goldstone, placed the blame for the Gaza war and general misery of Gaza civilians squarely on Hamas itself. He wrote:

The question is: Why did we not keep Gaza's freedom? In the past we said, time and again, that we are in favor of the liberation of every inch of land. Today we have thousands of inches - 365 square kilometers - and nonetheless we have not succeeded in keeping this great blessing, and we have begun to lose it...

Would it not have been possible to limit our losses and maximize our achievements, if we had only used our minds?...

When you walk around in Gaza, you cannot help but avert your eyes from what you see: indescribable anarchy, policemen that nobody cares about, youth proudly carrying weapons, mourning tents set up in the middle of main streets, and from time to time you hear that so-and-so was murdered in the middle of the night, and the response comes quickly the next morning. Large families carry weapons in tribal wars against other families. Gaza has turned into a garbage dump, there is a stench, and sewage flows [in the streets]. . . .

What Does the Resistance Gain if the Country is All Chaos, Replete With Corruption, Crime, and Futile Murder? . . . .

It is strange that when a great effort was made to reopen the Rafah Crossing in order to make [life] easier for the residents, somebody fires a missile towards the crossing, or that when there is talk about the need for tahdiah [" calm"], somebody fires another missile...

...Sometimes we laugh at ourselves when we see all these conferences and meetings and announcements, while there is no trace of any of that in reality. We talk unclearly, spin our wheels, steal our people's blood, and deprive it of even a moment of peace. So many families are tormented and slaughtered, and so many families are in distress because of their miserable lives. So many shout [in despair], but nobody hears.

Instead of strengthening the green shoots of introspection, the Goldstone report squashes them by laying the blame squarely at Israel's feet. According to Goldstone, Gaza is still"occupied," never mind that Hamas gunmen, not Israeli soldiers provided his security detail in Gaza. Hence, Israel, not Hamas is responsible for the misery of its citizens. It was in Goldstone's spirit of proportionality that"prime minister" Haniya dismissed the report's mild criticism of Hamas:

The Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance were in a position of self-defence and not of attack.

One cannot compare the simple capabilities of the resistance with the great strength of the occupation.

Fathers eat bitter and the teeth of their children are set on edge perhaps because they feel obligated to defend their parent. Poor Nicole Goldstone. She must have given her father quite a piece of her mind privately, if he asked her whether he was still invited to spend Rosh Hashana with her. If only she did not feel obligated to defend him publicly. Still, while her testimony of Goldstone's Zionism is absurd, her words reveal that public bravado aside, he knows he has done wrong.

According to Nicole Goldstone, whose father headed the United Nation’s Goldstone Committee probing Operation Cast Lead, her father is a genuine Zionist and he loves Israel, stating his position on the committee resulted in a more favorable report than would have emerged otherwise.

No report could have been worse. Even this report is judged"unusually harsh" by none other than the BBC. A harsher report lacking the Goldstone imprint would have had zero credibility and, apparently Goldstone knows it since Nicole said that"if her father would have realized the results of the report in advance, he would not have accepted the position. . . ."

Well, he could have resigned once he realized he was about to be used by the sworn enemies of the country and the cause he claims to support. Only his own arrogance must have prevented him from doing the honorable thing. Now, to justify himself, he blames his victim. Like an abusive spouse, he yells,"You made me beat you."

What now? Expect the worst. Deshowitz compares him to Jimmy Carter. He is right. To cover up his guilt conscience, Goldstone will sink at least as low. He will fight tooth and nail Israel and those who challenge the findings of his committee even it it means becoming an invaluable asset not only to the enemies of Israel but to the cause of terrorists everywhere. Just watch his interview on Al Jazeera, try to keep your food down and be prepared. The vilification of Jewish state and the campaign to support Goldstone and"uphold international law" by boycotting Israel and all things Israeli has only just began.

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