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There is evidence that both the Israeli army and Palestinian militants committed war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity, during the recent conflict over the Gaza Strip, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

International terror just received an amazing shot in the arm. A UN appointed committee has placed Israel and Hamas on the same moral/legal plane. By so doing, it has further increased the effectiveness of the terrorist strategy of using human shields.

What can be more beneficial to a Hamas, Taliban or Al Qaeda terrorist than surrounding himself/herself with captive, innocent civilians, especially women and children? Hence, the best location for a terrorist hideout is a hospital or, at least, a school. On the unlikely event that such a placement would fail to prevent a targeted killing, it would, at the very least, further his cause by undermining the moral, legal and, perhaps, even economic well being of the state seeking to defend its citizens. For such collateral damage is bound to bring down on such state (Israel, US, NATO members, etc.,) the wrath of the so called international human rights community.

In other words, Goldstone and company are insuring that terrorist organization such as Hamas no longer have a strategic interest in harming only as many Israelis as they can but also as many Palestinians as they are able.

Unwilling to confront the damage such"human rights" advocacy is bound to inflict on innocent civilans everywhere, Goldstone, and his collaborators, ignore the well documented Hamas use of human shields. Their report merely compares years of Hamas relentless targeting of Israeli villages with Israel's effort to stop it. As if Israel, like Hamas, surrounded its guns and soldiers with women and children.

But, then, dealing with reality could not have been expected to be the strong point of a Commission whose mandate eminated of a U.N. Human Right Council that considers Gaza to be under occupation thereby ignoring not only the fact that the Israeli army left it in 2005 but also that it did so by painfully uprooting thousands of its own citizens from their homes.

War is hell. Israel and Israeli soldiers are far from perfect though they try their best. But Israelis care deeply about the morality of an army made up by their sons and daughters and so, early charges of misconduct have led to an IDF investigation of the charges. Can any even imagine Hamas or Al Qaeda undertaking such an investigation? The very notion seems absurd.

Still, here we are on the eve of the Jewish days of judgment, contfronted with a report written by a Jew called Goldstone providing terrorists around the world, not to mention the enemies of the Jewish state, with the very weapon they have been waiting for so impatiently.


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