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Sep 11, 2009 2:02 pm

Obama's Coalition of the Withering: Japan Defects

Ironically, although the new leaders of Japan relied on Barack Obama's"hope and change" to get elected, they are bailing out from his Afghan War. Hopefully, other countries will soon join the parade.

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David T. Beito - 9/14/2009

I'm sorry you feel way. You will be missed. I can't promise an "extraordinary" post that will draw you back in, but here's my take.

If the policy of trying to conquer a clan based, tribal, and drug-trade dominated society like Afghanistan, was doltish under Bush, it is even more doltish to extend it.

Obama had a chance to disengage but chose instead to plunge even deeper.

I'll give Obama credit in one respect: he has been fairly consistent and honest on Afghanistan. During the election campaign, his main complaint against Bush's policy was not that it was inept but that Bush had not devoted enough resources to the fight. In effect, in 2008, Obama was already supporting more deeper involvement. Now...he is carrying out this election promise. Thus it is "his" war now.

Jonathan Dresner - 9/13/2009

You're right, David, Obama did commit to trying to bring our involvement in Central Asia to some resolution that doesn't make the US look like feckless dolts. That we could have had such a resolution sometime over the last seven years, had the previous administration not been such feckless dolts, seems irrelevant to you.

Barring some unforseen extraordinary circumstance, this will be my last comment on L&P.

David T, Beito - 9/13/2009

What do you mean? Obama has embraced this war. He did so during the campaign and is new sending in even more troops. It is "his" war by choice. Blame him, not us.

Jonathan Dresner - 9/11/2009

Honestly, David. I thought you had a bit more intellectual integrity than that.

Between the LewRockwellists and Buchananites, this blog really has gone downhill.