Aug 28, 2009 6:44 pm


Just received the following news - Victory!

Statement of Mayor Michael Wildes and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of Englewood, NJ, on the News that Congressman Steve Rothman has announced that Kaddafi will not be coming to Englewood

We are extremely grateful to our Congressman, Steve Rothman, for his strong and tireless efforts to keep Kaddafi out of Englewood. But we will not be satisfied with verbal assurances from the Libyans, especially when they are not even named in the Congressman’s release.

As Gordon Brown and the Scottish Government recently discovered to the severe detriment of their own international credibility, Kaddafi is a liar and the Libyans are not to be trusted. Kaddafi assured the British Prime Minister and the Scottish government that he would quietly ferry the Lockerbie bomber to Tripoli, only to have a Mardi Gras-style celebration awaiting him. Our elected representatives would be wise to exercise caution in taking the word of Kaddafi.

The only assurances we will accept that Kaddafi is not coming to Englewood is from a named source at the State Department who assures us that Kaddafi is entering the United States on a visa that restricts him to the island of Manhattan and we urge our Congressman to obtain such assurances. Even then, we will push for the Libyan government to sell their compound in Englewood and clear out of the neighborhood. We don’t want a terrorist-funding government in our midst.

We stand strong with the 38 New Jersey victims of Pan Am 103 and are going ahead with our large communal demonstration against Kaddafi and the Libyan government this Sunday at 11am outside the Libyan compound.

For more information contact Kennia Ramirez on 201-816-3540.

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