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Aug 24, 2009 5:41 pm


Bibi Netanyahu is doing well in part because both he and Ehud Barak are working well together . Obama's high handedness (refusing to abide by Olmert-Bush agreements) successfully united all of Israel against American pressure. Only 6% of Israelis approve (or see him as pro-Israel) of Obama and the number of Americans who do so, it declining, too.

This from the Economist:

IT HAS been a good summer for the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. Five months into his term, his centre-right coalition looks solid, and he himself exudes an air of confidence. But more anxious times lie ahead as the Obama administration prepares to publish its own plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. A first draft will be unveiled in September, according to Egyptian officials who travelled with President Hosni Mubarak to Washington this week. Mr Netanyahu’s team expect the moment of truth in October. They are not looking forward to it.

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