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Apr 26, 2005 6:36 am

Tierney on a roll

John Tierney keeps up the good work, with this excellent column comparing the Chilean approach to social-security reform to that of the US.

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Lisa Casanova - 4/26/2005

Mr. Fulwiler,
You'll get no argument from me. Just out of curiosity, have you come up with a response to convince people who believe that Social Security cured poverty among the elderly and is the only thing that keeps it from returning? I have discussed this with well-meaning friends who are truly horrified by the dire straits they believe the American elderly would be in if not for SS. They can't believe I would really advocate a world without it, since nothing would stand between my grandma and destitution (except me and the fact that I would take care of her, but then they just think I'm some rare exception).

M.D. Fulwiler - 4/26/2005

I would prefer this system to our system, but it's still forced savings. Social Security needs to be phased out with ~nothing~ put in its place.