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Apr 23, 2005 11:35 am

Happy 85th, Thomas Szasz!

April 15 was Thomas Szasz's 85th birthday. The Reason Foundation held a small dinner celebration in Washington, D.C., which I was honored to participate in. My remarks are here. You'll see that I highlight key elements of Szasz's work and explore why most libertarians fail to appreciate it. I also touch on the parallel between his work and Austrian economics. Other remarks and photos are here.

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Kenneth R Gregg - 4/23/2005

About five years ago, I gave a toast to Dr. Szasz at a CLASSical Liberals of Las Vegas meeting. He is one of our great sources of wisdom and has framed a paradigm in understanding psychiatry and psychological issues which is of incomparable value to us all.

His body of work has challenged us all to improve our understanding of theory, society and, most of all, ourselves. We all should read his writings from "The Manufacture of Madness" to his most recent writings on freedom!

And a toast to Szasz!
Ken Gregg